Experiences in Cuba

Cuba beyond the beaches - a suggested outing from Varadero.

Many tourists go to Varadero and never get a glimpse of Cuba beyond the beaches.

Near Varadero, however, there is a town called Cardenas. Cardenas, which was founded in 1828, has historical significance for Cubans because it was at the heart of Cuban richest sugar growing area and because in 1850 General Narciso Lopez raised in Cardenas the first Cuban flag. 

Recently, Ruth  & Nelson Larson and Beatrice Douglas-Simmons went to Cardenas while holidaying in Varadero.

This is what Ruth has to say about her experience in Cardenas:

"We took a taxi to Cardenas, for $50.00 -total cost of going to Cardenas and returning to Varadero. You may even find a cheaper option if you look around and negotiate. In Cardenas we visited the city museum - Museo Oscar Maria de Rojas - and then rented a horse and cart for $5.00 for a local city tour.  It was an interesting diversion from the beaches" 

Ruth recommends her experience to people visiting Varadero as a break from the routine of resort life, a day away from the beaches to see and experience the "'real' Cuba while meeting the local people.

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