Friday, May 21, 2021

Parliamentary Petition 

Whereas the government of the United States has imposed economic sanctions - amounting to an economic war - against Cuba for more than 60 years, constituting the principal obstacle to Cuba’s social and economic development, having cost in excess of $100 billion; 

Whereas the Government of the United States has pressured and coerced other countries to participate in its regime of economic sanctions against Cuba; 


Whereas the Government of the United States wages a campaign of subversion against Cuba;   


Whereas, since 1959, Cuba has been the victim of terrorist attacks, carried out with the complicity, participation and sponsorship of various United States agencies, and with many directly launched from and/or planned from the territory the United States itself, resulting in 3,478 Cuban deaths and 2,099 injured; 


Whereas the objective of the strategy of the Government of the United States is to asphyxiate Cuba, thus negating and extinguishing the island nation’s right to self-determination, sovereignty and independence. 


Whereas the right to self-determination is a right enshrined in the United Nations Charter and numerous other international treaties, covenants and legal instruments;

Whereas United States economic sanctions and its campaign of subversion are a violation of international law and the human rights of the people of Cuba; 

Whereas, since 1992, the international community has rejected United States economic sanctions against Cuba through overwhelming votes in the United Nations General Assembly;  

Whereas Canada has repeatedly been counted in the vast ranks of the world’s nations resoundingly rejecting the coercive and unilateral United States policy;  


We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada call on the House of Commons to take the following actions: 


  1. Call on the Government of the United States to end all economic sanctions against Cuba. 
  2. Call on the Government of the United States to cease its campaign of subversion and policy of hostility and aggression against Cuba. 
  3. Call on the Government of the United States to remove Cuba from the United States Department of State’s List of State Sponsors of Terror. 
  4. Call on the Government of Canada to take immediate steps and actions through the implementation of, among others, the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act, in order to ensure that Canadian companies and other entities do not participate in United States economic sanctions against Cuba. 
  5. Call on the Government of Canada to ensure that its relations with Cuba be based on equality and the respect of sovereignty and the right of self-determination. 
  6. Call on the Government of Canada to reaffirm the inalienable right of the people of Cuba to determine their future and their political, economic and social system on their own terms and without any external interference.