Monday, February 26, 2024


Dr. Rosemari Mealy Receives Proclamation 

From New York City Council.

Friends, we want to recognize our very own 

Dr. Rosemari Mealy, a long time social justice 

and human rights activist and member of the 

IFCO Board of Directors, one of six Black women 

recognized and honored for their demonstrated 

accomplishments as  Black Girls and Women 

who "Strengthen Our City Today."

The standing room only celebration, called "Black 

Girl Magic Day" on Thursday, February 15th, 

2023, featuring Proclamations presented by the 

New York City Council at the City Hall Chamber.

Dr. mealy was nominated for this prestigious award 

by City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams. 

Dr. Mealy was acknowledge for:

Being a member of the Black Panther Party 

in her youth.

Authoring several books and publications.

Her outstanding achievements in academia including

her more than 25 years as professor at City College 

where she impacted the lives of thousands.

Being a graduate of CUNY Law School, and being 

a partisan of the Cuban Revolution, where for years 

she has worked in solidarity efforts, remaining fully 

engaged as an activist for international human rights, 

including her unflinching support of the Cuban 

Revolution where for years she focused her solidarity 

efforts calling on the US to lift the US government's 

brutal blockade of Cuba, engaging in a robust 

campaign calling President Joe Biden to remove 

Cuba from the suffocating State Sponsors of 

Terrorism List.

The proclamation was presented by City Council 

Members Althea Stevens and Farah Louis.

Dr. Mealy concluded her remarks by thanking 

the council for passing the 2023 historic Resolution 

opposing the US government's Blockade against Cuba.

Then, staring up at the huge portraits of white men 

adorning the walls of the chamber packed with 

hundreds of Black women for this historic occasion, 

Dr. Mealy remarked "this is gonna change" 

to a response of cheers and applause.

Among those who congratulated Dr. Mealy was 

Ivan Casal,diplomat from Cuba's Permanent Mission 

to the United Nations.



In Solidarity,
Organizing Committee, International Conference                                                          for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations
New York-New Jersey Cuba Sí Coalition
National Network On Cuba
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