Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cuban-trained US doctors arrive in Haiti

NEW: CNN Video report on Cuba's increased presence in Haiti

Cuban-Haitian Medical Teams in Haiti
February 2, 2010—Cuban and Cuban-trained Haitian doctors—already the largest contingent of medical relief workers in Haiti since the January 12th earthquake—are being joined by graduates of Cuba’s Latin American Medical School (ELAM) from a score of countries.  Among the first to arrive this week will be several US physicians who studied at ELAM.
Of the 938 health care providers in the teams on the ground thus far, 280 are young Haitian doctors, and at least 60 more are Haitian medical students enrolled at the school. Over the next few weeks, they will receive reinforcements of their peers in a number of Latin American, African and Caribbean countries.
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Cuban-style Medicine
Rev. Lucius Walker tells us about the US-born, Cuban-trained doctors headed to Haiti and why their unique training has prepared them for this mission.

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