Monday, July 30, 2012

Moncada Day Celebration in Halifax

The stands!
The shelter!
Welcome Leslie!
"Patria es Humanidad!" ---Motherland is Benevolence! Motherland is Humanity!
Books and Songs...
Despite the rain...
Raging Grannies: raging for Cuba...

Hello Friends of NSCUBA (Nova Scotia Cuba Association)I am taking a few minutes of my time to send a big "THANK YOU" to you for your interest, time and participation in our 2012 Moncada Day event at Victoria Park on July 27.Despite the rainy day we were able to continue with our plans, thanks to your committment and to our shelters!It takes many people to make such an event work and to make it successful.I hope that you all had time to talk, to make a new friend, and to enjoy the days activities.I certainly enjoyed seeing all of you there!I will happily appreciate any comments you may have to help make the next Moncada Day, 2013, even more thought provoking, more successful and more interesting and with fun for all. Your suggestions for  speakers and topics to add to the flavour of our educational aspect on this day are also appreciated. Musicians willing to participate are welcome. Please pass along names and e-mails or phone numbers.
Thanks to speakers:
   Tony Tracey; Megan Leslie; John Kirk; Mike Savage; Nora Fernandez; Jeff Goodspeed; Augusto Enriquez; Isaac Saney; Stephen Kimber.
Thanks to poets:
    Ambros Prechtl and EL Jones
Thanks for music and singing: Art Drysdale; Kevin Roach; Raging Grannies.
Thanks for dancing:  Halifax Salseros.
Thanks for MC: Nelson Larson.
Thanks for Art Display: Jude Claborn Skaling.
Thanks for food preparation: Randy Skaling; Ruth Wilton.
Thanks for helping set up and take down and for posting the banners:
    Nels and Ruth Larson, Charles Spurr, Ruth and Laird Wilton, Mario and Nora Fernandez, Richard       Morrow, Marilyn MacMullin, Anna Migas.
Thanks for taking care of sound system: Anna Migas.
Thanks for ensuring that we got the necessary permit: Charles Spurr.
Thanks for dominoes and games: Laird and Ruth Wilton.
Thanks for talking to CKDU radio, for postering and for overall help to Nels Larson.
Thank you all for coming and making time for this day. "Many hands make light work" 
If I forgot someone and I am sure I must have - please let me know!!!
It was fun!

Ruth Larson


Many thanks to Jim Sacouman and Barb Moore for their hospitality and the great time!

                                                                      The tasty pig!!

                                                               Two of the many cooks...

                                                                 The panoramic views!!

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