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Wooden Monkey

February 8 @ 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

The Cubans Came to the Wooden Monkey

The Cubans came to Dartmouth on February 8, a Night of Cuban music at the Wooden Monkey…The Wooden Monkey is not only a very tasty and healthy restaurant, it is linked to the local community using locally grown organic produce to make delicious food while supporting local farmers who are environmentally conscious. What a great connection this is: great food, great music and all in an environmentally sound context!
The Cubans, Augusto Enriquez – vocals, Jorge Chicoy – guitar, Avi Garcia – bass, Silvio Pupo – piano, together with Canadian musicians David Burton – drums, Chuck Bucket – percussion, Jeff Goodspeed – sax/flute delivering great music.
Augusto, Chicoy, and Avi arrived in Nova Scotia on Feb 4th for a month of Los Primos. The premiere performance in Nova Scotia took place at The Wooden Monkey -with the most memorable melodies from Cuba’s great musical tradition and contemporary melodies from Silvio Rodriguez or Los Van Van. It was a night to remember...There is more, however, on February 16 (tomorrow) they will be performing at Stayners  and back there again on February 23 (same time). Then you will have opportunity to attend to the Music Room to listen to the songs of famous Cuban author Silvio Rodriguez on February 25th. Do not miss it; it will be a night to remember.


HavanaFax at Stayners

February 16 @ 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featuring “The Pearl of the South”, Jorge Chicoy – guitar
Avi Garcia – bass, Silvio Pupo – piano, David Burton – drums, Jeff Goodspeed – sax/flute
Latin Jazz – Cuban Style – Sunday Jazz 5 to 9 – No Cover
Special guest vocalist – Augusto Enriquez
Stayners Wharf – the home of Sunday Jazz for 11 years. Stayners is also the home of many communities in Halifax and that includes Los Primos. Through all the years when Los Primos puts on a Cultural Exchange like this one, Stayners on Sundays, becomes the head of operations. Everyone comes to enjoy the music and food and to see old friends.
The Jazz is up front on this gig as so will Chicoy be. After a more than two years playing around the world with piano player Roberto Fonseca, Chicoy has some time off and the first thing that he wanted to do was to come to Nova Scotia and play at Stayners. Avi will be so happy to be with you all again too. The two of them have been coming to Nova Scotia since the turn of the millennium, and they have so many fans and friends here, it feels like home.

Music Room – the songs of Silvio Rodríguez

February 25 @ 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

| $30

 Augusto has spent the last 4 years producing (and singing) a 3 CD set of Silvio Rodriguez songs. Silvio could be called Cuba’s Neil Young. He is the song writer of Latin America and everyone knows the lyrics to his songs. But Silvio’s is more than a poet, his music is very diverse, harmonically complex and full of memorable melodies. Augusto’s idea was to arrange each song with the orchestration that it called out for. Some songs are with full orchestra, some with just rhythm section, some with big band and some with chamber ensembles. The result is a beautiful project that will live on for many years to come.
The Cuban Ministry of Culture has awarded Augusto the highest award possible for his work. The Nation Symphonic Orchestra of Cuba has just completed a tour of Cuba with Augusto to release this CD collection in Cuba. Next they will go to Venezuela and Ecuador. In the meantime Augusto had a few weeks off and wanted to be here in Nova Scotia in February. Is he crazy! Well it is our good fortune.
This concert at the Music Room promises to be the highlight of the HavanaFax tour as we will be treated to the Canadian pre-release of this musical milestone. A night of songs from Silvio Rodriguez, Augusto style!
For advanced tickets please follow this link to Prizm Agency.

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