Thursday, November 2, 2017

Another Massive & Resounding UN Rejection of the U.S. Economic Blockade of Cuba

For the 26th consecutive year the world on November 1st, 2017 massively and resoundingly repudiated the U.S. economic war against the people of Cuba. By a vote of 191 to 2, the member countries of the United Nations overwhelmingly condemned the U.S. economic blockade of that heroic island nation by voting in favour of the resolution, "Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba."  Only 2 voted against the resolution: the United States and Israel. 

Since 1992, the international community has rejected the ongoing economic aggression of the United States against Cuba in these annual affirmations of the inalienable and inviolable right of all peoples to self-determination and independence. 

The rejection of Washington’s diktat, once again graphically underscores the isolation of the empire in world public opinion. The UN vote not only demonstrates the unflinching opposition of the world to the criminal U.S. policy, but also the depth of global support and respect for Cuba.

Washington’s decision to vote against the resolution, as opposed to abstaining as it had done in 2016, signals the refusal of the Trump regime to accept the failure of U.S. imperialism to impose its will on Cuba.   

The struggle continues to finally bring an end to the U.S. economic war against Cuba, which is a flagrant violation of international law, constituting the principal obstacle to the island's social and economic development. 

In this struggle, the nations and the peoples of the world, representing the immense majority of humanity, have declared in one voice that they stand with Cuba. 

On behalf of the Canadian Network On Cuba
Isaac Saney
CNC Co-chair & National-Spokesperson

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