Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Cuban Revolution at 60 -Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2019

In 2019, the Cuban revolution celebrates its 60th anniversary. It is also a time of historic transformation on the island – leadership change, constitutional reform, and a complex process of economic developments under way. We believe this is a good opportunity to discuss the progress Cuba has made over the past 60 years and perhaps more importantly, to analyze current developments. In addition, given the difficulties faced by Cuban academics and researchers to meet their American colleagues due to visa restrictions imposed by the US government, and significantly increased bilateral tension, it is important to maintain channels of dialogue open.
Here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we believe that there is an appropriate place for this exchange to take place. We have a tradition of working with Cuba. Over twenty years ago Dalhousie University established an exchange programme with FLACSO-Cuba, and over 700 of our students have participated in programmes in Cuba. Faculty in Law, Coastal Zone Resources, Management, and International Development Studies
In 1989—to provide an assessment of 30 years of the Cuban revolutionary process—we organized an international conference attended by 450 Cuba specialists, and four books (compilations of the best presentations) were published.
The Cuban Revolution at 60 international conference will discuss the significance of 60 years of the Cuban revolutionary process, and examine the potential and challenges facing Cuba: the progress Cuba has made over the past six decades and the evolution currently underway. A series of panels will assess the successes and challenges of the Cuban economy, Cuba-US relations, and Cuba's international relations. Other panels revolve around climate change and ecological challenges facing the island, and social change (analyzing questions of race, gender (in)equity, health, and LGBTQ rights). Some forty of the leading Cuba specialists from Cuba, the UK, Latin America, Europe, the United States and Canada will gather to discuss these subjects. 

The Cuban Revolution at 60 International Conference, 

Halifax, Canada 31 Oct-02 Nov, 2019


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